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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

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I'd prefer an epic adventure about Superman as an experienced hero, with no further explorations of his early years. Also, no Luthor and no Zod.
Me too. To return to an analogy I've often used before, I want a Superman Goldeneye, not a Superman Casino Royale.

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This may have been mentioned already, but another rumor is that Armie Hammer is in the mix. He was going to play Batman in George Miller's Justice League: Mortal. He's 6' 5", 24 years old, and just got a boost from his part in The Social Network.
I really liked Armie Hammer in the Social Network, both of him actually (he plays twins). He's pretty well suited for playing a hero with strong moral character (Superman is called the "Big Blue Boy Scout" for a reason). Plus he's not a marquee movie star (a famous actor playing a comic book hero or villain can be very distracting).

The only challenge for him would be Clark Kent, but the same could be said for every actor who plays Superman.
As you've observed, Hammer almost played Batman in the abortive Justice League movie and has the superheroic height and physique. Moreover, he's getting great reviews for playing twins in The Social Network. That can be a challenging task for actors - playing two apparently identical characters, yet ensuring that they're subtly different, so the audience knows who is who. Might this be a good grounding for managing to make his Clark and his Superman credibly the one person, yet different enough that no-one in the cinema world realises it? A variation on a theme?
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