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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

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This may have been mentioned already, but another rumor is that Armie Hammer is in the mix. He was going to play Batman in George Miller's Justice League: Mortal. He's 6' 5", 24 years old, and just got a boost from his part in The Social Network.
I really liked Armie Hammer in the Social Network, both of him actually (he plays twins). He's pretty well suited for playing a hero with strong moral character (Superman is called the "Big Blue Boy Scout" for a reason). Plus he's not a marquee movie star (a famous actor playing a comic book hero or villain can be very distracting).

The only challenge for him would be Clark Kent, but the same could be said for every actor who plays Superman. If you fail, you make all the other characters around you look like an idiot for not realizing you're the same person. What I wouldn't give for *some* reference in The Man of Steel to a "perception filter." It would be so easy to work it into his origin. You see Clark Kent beating monsters and stopping runaway trains wearing his ordinary street clothes but no one to pays attention, even if he's actively saving their life most people ignore his presence or forget what he did. He puts the big red 'S' and blue tights on just so people will notice. "It's not me remember, just the red cape."
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