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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

Man, am I divided about this whole concept. I like the idea of Nolan godfathering the movie, and I am pretty good with Goyer drafting and Snyder directing, but the pseudo-origin story (becoming superman, not getting to earth) makes me question it. Right now I am with the crowd that prefers an older (John Hamm) Superman fighting an epic battle that only he could win.

I think I am most interested in this movie (as I am interested in many movies) because it doesn't yet exist and there is simply great untapped promise for an awesome movie. Some movies succeed and I enjoy them as much or more than I thought (Star Trek 2009, Sherlock Holmes) and others fail (Predators, GI Joe, many others). Hopefully, Superman -perhaps my favorite superhero along with Batman- will get a truly great, modern movie.
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