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ENTER! Avatar contests - Azati Prime / On Their Own

Previously in the Enterprise Avatar Contests...

Michael Myers wrote: View Post
The votes are in and here's the winners.

In the episode contest, HopefulRomantic edges out the competition to capture another Golden Porthos with her forlorn Archer....

star gets puppy kisses for romance in the midst of tragedy....

In the theme contest, we have two Golden Porthoseseseseses awarded. JiNX-01 receives one for strength in the midst of tragedy and HopefulRomantic receives one for her cinematic, yet non-animated, entry.

star gets more puppy kisses for her cinematic, yet non-animated, entry....

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who entered and voted.
Thanks so much for the votes! Much appreciated.

And on we go to the next episode, "Azati Prime."

The theme, as suggested by my co-winner JiNX, is "On Their Own": a character alone in a dangerous situation (inspired by Archer being captured by the reptilians in "Azati Prime"). ENT sources only, please.

Same rules for entries -- 140x140 and 70k max size.

We'll keep the entry thread open at least through Tuesday, or longer, enough to get a decent entry pool. So let's get with the avatars, people!
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