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Re: The Incredible Hulk heading back to television

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That's a misconception that's been going around the 'net since this story broke.

ABC Family is not a kids-safe channel. They routinely show programs and movies rated TV-PG to TV-14. They're called "ABC Family" because they have different shows for different family members.
Actually the only reason they still have "Family" in the name is because, when The Family Channel's founder Pat Robertson sold it to Fox Kids Worldwide, the contract contained a clause requiring that any and all future owners keep "Family" in the channel's name. So it became Fox Family Channel, and then when Disney/ABC bought it, the best they could do to rebrand it as their own was to call it ABC Family. They've tried once or twice to get rid of the "Family" part -- they wanted to call it "XYZ" and then "ABCF" -- but the contract locks them into using it in perpetuity.

So it's really not a family-oriented channel anymore. It mainly aims for college students and young women.
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