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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

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The Man of Steel is the John Byrne story they were originally rumored to be referencing. Birthright is Mark Waid's more recent origin story that has Clark travelling the world before suiting up as Superman (although The Man of Steel has a brief allusion to that, too).
Wow, I can't believe I mixed up the stories (or, more accurately, the authors). I was referring to Birthright in terms of a modern origin for new audiences, since I remember really enjoying that story.

I could see them doing some big FX sequences in the first half of the movie where Clark uses his powers to help people without anyone seeing his face - kind of like a Smallville rescue sequence on steroids and in foreign locales.
Batman Begins made Bruce Wayne interesting by having the first hour of the film focused on his travels and understanding him as a character. However, it was never dull and Nolan and Goyer managed to make it very entertaining. I have a feeling they could apply a similar approach to Superman that would work just as well.
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