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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Just finished Medal Of Honor and wow, that's one short single player campaign.
The whole game is kind of a tribute to soldiers in general because it keeps it quite down on the mood, i.e. not balls to the wall style like Call of Duty: MW up to and including the ending which i felt very fitting.
Maybe the Multiplayer is better but the game on the whole is not that extraordinary.

Apart from that i've got CIV 5, Ruse (last mission and failed many times so it's a bit on hold), Anno 1404, Sim City 4 - yeah.. i like Strategy games

For the occasional shooting and action stuff i got CoD: MW2 and Split Second (action racing game) installed.

Currently i'm waiting for Fallout:New Vegas which i'm pretty sure will cover my evenings and weekends as much as possible.. damn addictive and well made games!
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