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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

70. The American (B+)
71. The Kids Are All Right (B+)
72. The English Patient (A-)
73. The Town (B+)
74. The Social Network (A)
75. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (B+)
76. Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (A-)
77. RED (B+)

Enjoyable, though it won't go down as one of the classics of the genre. The tone veers a bit between being serious and being buoyant in a way that I'm not sure completely works.

Speaking of Freeman, the movie's an interesting case of how advertising can shape your perception of the movie; he's all over the trailers, but Bryan Cox is nowhere to be seen in them. My favourite parts where the scenes between Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker, which managed a nice balance between being funny and being sincere. They also do a neat trick with the bad guy reveal. The film is also an interesting case of how things feel different in the post-Bush era; while tropes like the evil VP and corrupt corporations predate the Bush years by quite a bit, during them it became so intensely associated with them in the media (there was a faux-Cheney in every other action/spy movie) that it feels a bit weird to see them in use when the current VP is, well, Joe Biden, who's like your goofy uncle.
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