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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

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Superman borg/Edward Scissorshands
I suspect that had less to do with Jon Peters and more to do with the fact that the movie was going to be directed by Tim Burton. EVERY Burton character looks like that!

The Blur wrote: View Post

20 ways Zack Snyder's Superman can avoid becoming a superdisaster

I like this one...

15.) DO NOT score Superman with pounding rock guitars.
Superman is many things, but he's not rock and roll. He already has a perfectly regal score. If anything, Superman's musical tastes should be 20 years behind the time. He's too busy fighting crime to keep up with musical trends. If anything, there should be a scene where Superman discovers rap music for the first time.
Keep the theme.
Agreed. The 1978 John Williams theme still kicks ass to this day and is among my top 5 movie themes ever.

I also like the website's assertion that we might want to see something like this...

Superman is such a dick!

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JoeZhang wrote: View Post
I don't see the problems with an origins film - the last one was 32 years ago - what's wrong with this generation having their Superman?
I think the problem is that we have had too many origin stories in the last 10 years or so. Everyone that is a fan of Superman knows his origins I don't really want to see another origin story about him.
Yeah, and most origin stories aren't really that interesting. Superman's origins are less interesting than most. He's an alien from another planet. That's it. He doesn't even undergo the same kind of unexpected superpowered transformation that you have with heroes like Spider-Man & the Fantastic Four. Frankly, Superman's origins are my least favorite part of the 1978 Richard Donner movie. IMO, it gets bogged down in self-seriousness until we get to Metropolis and see the crackling chemistry between Christopher Reeve & Margot Kidder.

The outer trappings of Batman's origins aren't very interesting either. His parents are murdered. Batman Begins was able to make that origin story interesting because the entire story was about the unique emotional journey that took Bruce Wayne from grieving orphan to masked hero.

If Superman's origin is a vital part of the story that Goyer, Nolan, & Snyder want to tell, by all means, include it. But don't spend a lot of time on Krypton & what-have-you if you don't have anything to actually say about it.
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