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Re: The Incredible Hulk heading back to television

Trent Roman wrote: View Post
I also find it strange that ABC Family would want Cloak and Dagger--I don't see their characters lending themselves to family-safe far (not to mention they would have to--tragically--tone down Dagger's costume).
That's a misconception that's been going around the 'net since this story broke.

ABC Family is not a kids-safe channel. They routinely show programs and movies rated TV-PG to TV-14. They're called "ABC Family" because they have different shows for different family members. A Cloak & Dagger series could easily be a TV-14 series or at least TV-PG.

If they tone down Dagger's costume, it probably won't be because it may offend kids but because someone thought it was silly or impractical for a woman to be dressed like that in real life, IMO...
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