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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

I absolutely love the way she walks around these two, and takes in the hair pasta on their clothes.

JANEWAY: Would anyone care to explain?
PARIS: It might be too long to go into right now, Captain.
JANEWAY: Very well. I have a mission for the two of you. We have reason to believe that there are food sources on this planet, but we can't transport to the surface. You're going to take a shuttle down and do a little scouting.
NEELIX: Me? And him?
JANEWAY: He's our best pilot, and you're our expert on edible plant species in this quadrant.
PARIS: Uh, Captain, I'm not one to pass up a mission, but in this circumstance, maybe Ensign Baytart who is a fine pilot
JANEWAY: There are electromagnetic anomalies in the atmosphere and I would rather have you at the helm. Am I discerning a personal problem here, gentlemen?
NEELIX: Frankly, yes, Captain.
JANEWAY: Solve it. You leave at fourteen hundred hours.

I also love the fact that here in season 2, we are still hearing about shortages of resources, and see the crew trying to fend for themselves, rather than rely "on the kindness of strangers".
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