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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2010!

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Lost as in not getting the props they deserve, or lost as in no copies exist? I hate when things get lost forever like that...

I'll definitely check this out over the weekend. Japanese King Kong. Wow.
No (known) copies exist. There's always hope that they'll pop up in a private collection or a vault somewhere, like the missing Metropolis footage.

I've read that London After Midnight wasn't that great a movie, but Chaney was pretty freaky in it, which is easy to imagine from the surviving stills.

Lots of info in that video I didn't know. There was a version of Phantom of the Opera before Chaney's? I had no idea.

I was really surprised that The Golem was the third movie in what was basically a trilogy. It works as a standalone movie because it was a prequel showing the Golem's origin. And Paul Wegener even played the Golem in all three.
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