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Re: The Incredible Hulk heading back to television

Ang Lee's Hulk made $132 million domestically, on a $137 million budget (not factoring in advertising and other costs). It made all-together $245 million worldwide. Louis Lettetier's The Incredible Hulk made $134 million domestically (only $2 million more than Hulk) on an increased budget of $150 million (again, not factoring in advertising and other miscellaneous costs). It made $263 million worldwide, just slightly ahead of Lee's movie.

I think had Universal and Marvel been happy with the performance of either film, we would be seeing sequels. If Universal and Marvel liked the performance of Lee's movie, we would have seen a sequel and not a reboot. If Universal and Marvel liked the performance of the Lettetier version, we would be seeing a sequel (however, having to recast Norton for The Avengers might have also factored in Marvel's decision to take the character to the small screen). The fact that after the clearly lackluster box office performance of the last two movies, Marvel is interested in taking a new approach for the character should tell you why we're not seeing sequels to either version of the character.
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