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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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And Jax, come on and calm down the hyperbole. 0-0 result against an inform team isn't fucking disgusting, getting hammered by Germany is disgusting! This doesn't even come close. Dissapointing perhaps but we didn't lose.
Am sick of Fabio with his rigid, slow, boring 4-4-2 and bringing in the likes of SWP who has never been good enough for England. He refuses to drop people who don't play well, he refuses to change. We are a top 8 team in the world and to not beat Montenegro at home is dissapointing but the way we played and how Fabio refused to shake things up when he saw it wasn't working is digusting.

Capello has the midfield so deep, Gerrard and Barry may of well be centre backs and RIO/Lescott looked so afraid to push up the defence, it makes Capello look scared to attack. Fabio CV and paycheck means he has NO excuse, we managed about 4 shots in the entire game with any meaning, shocking, awful and appauling are more than ample words.
Well I didn't watch the game so its probably unfair for me to comment really, but it strikes me that Montenegro are a well diciplined side who rely on nicking the odd goal and winning 1-0 so there was no doubt some caution in our play knowing this. Also judging from the bench Capello didn't have a lot of options to change things round (I know he picks the bench but injuries did dent our attacking options)
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