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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

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Well here goes my very first attempts at image editing. It's not Photoshop and I know I need a little more work on the skin matching but overall what do you all think?

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^Well thanks Sector7 for the congrats and the advice. I just did another with the same Picard background, but used a "current pic of Shatner:
Aside from the lighting issues, I think you also need to play with the head sizes. They feel a little small relative to the bodies. A good way to make sure they match is to take the layer with the new head and make it about 50% transparent. Line it up with the old one and line up the eyes. Then keep re-sizing until the eyes on each one match as close as possible. Then turn it back up to full opacity and work on the blending and lighting stuff.
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