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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

YAY! A promotion for Karama!

And a lot of things that made me laugh out loud--literally. "This is yesterday's tomorrow!" That's the kind of line I loved in Space Balls!

So let me see...according to Cardassian social rules, Gil Kapoor gets to sit in a "higher" position than she ordinarily would because they don't want to separate her from her husband?

And I think the big question about "behavior" is this: can the Federation officers behave around Gil Kapoor? Lieutenant Jeto is a particular concern. Obviously he's had a horrible run-in with the Cardassians...and dealing with them AND with someone he might see as a traitor is going to be hard on him for sure.

On the other hand...I wonder. Brenok's scars might actually give her a way to see that these people aren't all monsters.
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