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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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When TOS Remastered was produced, the mandate was to not tweak the running time of the episodes, nor affect major changes to the audio. I don't see any reason why TNG would be different in this regard. Any audio work would be negligible.
With the original ST, they didn't have to re-edit the entire episode, so therefore they didn't have to make major changes to the audio.

With TNG, because they'd have to reassemble the episodes from the original shots on film, they'd most likely have a LOT of work to get the audio to match up.


For something like this you're not talking about a loose re-edit, they'd be matching each scene to the frame. The sound should sync perfectly.

It would still, however, take time to re-edit the episodes.

Regardless of how "easy" it would be to re-sync the audio, there's still going to have to be an editor (or several) somewhere, starting with all the elements again and assembling them again for the final up-res. That takes time.

Factor in producers, studio execs, quality control and simply checking for consistency with the original broadcast edits...

It literally will be, for the most part, like re-opening post-production on the show.

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Couldn't they handle a remastered release like the very first release? Air one episode per week, in HD, one season per year? Gives them enough time to edit one episode and have an immediate return on investment. Remastering one episode can't take longer than producing the original episode in the first place.
Interesting idea. I don't know though if that would fall under the purview of the syndication deal the studio originally signed to when TNG hit 100 episodes, or if they would have to license it as a "new" show (I don't recall what the case was with TOS Remastered)...

Boiling it down is simple. If Paramount thinks they can do remaster TNG for what it would cost to do so and still make a buck -- whether by fleecing the fans who will pay $150+ for a single season on DVD or broadcasting it then releasing it on DVD/BR-- then they will.
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