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Re: New FREE Star Trek TOS game now available!

Hello all,

We just released an updated version of the demo (version 1.04) that includes many improvements and bug fixes. You start on the bridge, where there are lots of new things to see. Look for various Easter Eggs by clicking on things where your cursor changes to a hand (characters, consoles, etc).

Short list of changes in this release:


- Resolved bug with Options screen not working in versions 1.02 and 1.03
- Fixed more scoring and beam-in bugs in client/server multiplayer code
- Cleaned up mission start/end code so objects appear and disappear more
efficiently when changing flight missions
- Put collision into turbolift walls, so you can't walk through them anymore
- Put collision on top dome of saucer, so you can stand or land on it
- Rotated moon so proper side is facing the player


- All the consoles on the bridge have been replaced with new animated ones
(most are clickable and will bring up the test console window)
- Main view screen updated, it now no longer shows a starfield since the
ship is stationary (it now shows a static image of the Earth and the
Klingon battle cruiser)
- Added many sound effects (shuttlebay doors, enhanced explosions, etc)
- Added foundation of character dialogue system
(click on characters to hear them speak)
- Added hailing sound and messages into chat window when missions are completed
- Improved the chat function, it now auto-focuses on the input window when
you hit the C key so you can start typing right away
(also a communicator sound now plays when you engage the chat)

At this time we do not have a patch complete, so you will need to delete your current install and download the entire new version (115 mb), but it's worth it. A patch that will take a current 1.03 installation and bring it up to 1.04 is forthcoming in the next few days for those who do not wish to do the entire download again.

Please spread the word and leave us feedback on what you like, what works and what doesn't for you, performance issues, questions, etc. We like to hear what people have to say.

More updates are coming - next version may include a few more decks to explore, stay tuned!


Paul Weston
Gambit Realm development team
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