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Re: Starship Enterprise: Strange New World.

Good chapter, I don't see why you wouldn't be happy with it. Sure there were no "kewl 'splosions" or anything, but if thats all we wanted in a story I don't think most of us would be reading this. This chapter got parts of the crew from point A to Point B, something I am sure your plot necessitates. It also shows the continuing hijinks of those wacky Marines, and Polly's toleration, even encouragement thereof. In the first episode after a pilot it is important to demonstrate these things to some who may new to the story. It also showed why Archer is a good CO. He may not always be orthodox, but as Trip said, he gets the job done. Sending down the Beowulf with a survey team, allowing Enterprise to continue on mission, with enough Marines to conduct their drills showed good judgement. He is a good multi-tasker, and with his mission of both exploration and defense that is a requirement, not a luxery. Again, good chapter keep it up and good luck with your problems.
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