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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

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BUT! In the same breath you say you were sort of hoping Maren was serious about shooting Icheb?! So I guess you don't feel TOO bad for them all ... or maybe you're just a bigtime J/M shipper?
Love them all - have "known" Icheb longest so logic would suggest I have the strongest emotional attachment to him. Alas that I am not always logical! I knew that would read badly but I lack the skill to say what I meant without my stupid server timing out on me (for the 3rd time - I was in hurry up and post mode by then!). What I meant was that I liked how precarious Maren's mental state was that she had reached the point where she was able to parse her feelings from her logic. Most people don't have to do that under that kind of duress. It was an interesting choice and one I didn't see coming. By "like" I mean following her mental state has been a very rewarding and intriguing ride! And how logical is it really - to shoot your CO?

A thoroughly enjoyable read!
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