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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Wow, I love you guys. I've been just buried in work and life and just generally having a crappy time of it and all of you with your awesome feedback for this chapter have just totally made my day.

Enterprise1981 -- T'Pring is a fairly by-the-book Vulcan. There's more to her than just that, but she prides herself very much on her outward calm and flawless logic. I doubt that John's success here (if it can be called that -- we still don't know what's going to happen) will sway her from thinking the risk he took was unwise, just as she was completely unimpressed by Telek's "heroics" in engineering during the confrontation with the Borg. Thanks for the great comment.

Gibraltar -- Thank you for reading, and for the compliment! You're right, while Ryzal and JQ are doing their thing, Icheb is extremely, extremely distracted. Reason number 432 or so why he said to Maren "I hate that you're here." We'll see what happens now ...

oldst/Deadstredshrtevr -- I was really looking forward to your reaction to Ryzal's scene because you've said a few times now how much you like him. I definitely thought of you a few times while writing that bit. So I'm glad you liked it! As for the triangle ... yeah, there are no real winners here. Someone is going to get left out, hurt or maybe dead, and that's just ... well, it sucks. BUT! In the same breath you say you were sort of hoping Maren was serious about shooting Icheb?! So I guess you don't feel TOO bad for them all ... or maybe you're just a bigtime J/M shipper? As to Shakespeare and Tarantino comparisons ... uh, wow! I'll take it as a huge (and undeserved) compliment that I made you think of either of them for even a second. Thanks.

(P.S. Yep, wrong ship. Beckley's still Beckley-ing on the Tesseract.)
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