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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

The more I read Ryzal the more I like him. The idea the galaxy could be filled with so many other species that are so different and so alike is highly compelling.

I like Icheb and Maren but feel for JQ. Or I like JQ and Maren but feel for Icheb. One of them may lose out and thus all will lose because the friendship will never be the same. Again. If Icheb dies they all lose too. It's like Shakespearean tragedy. Or a Quentin Tarantino movie . . .

I didn't want Maren to shoot Icheb of course. But I prefer to think she was subjugating her feelings for an outcome that would benefit more people. going all Kirk on them and shooting from the hip. I can buy that she was bluffing but I actually prefer that she wasn't. I know - I'm awful. . .

Thanks for another wonderful chapter!

Oh, btw , any chance some space debris landed on Beckley? I know - wrong ship . . . besides i do want to see him live another day to create more chaos and angst . . .
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