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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

I saw Let Me In and The Town in a double feature. I was very impressed by Let Me In, even though I enjoyed the original more. However, this remake is still very well done, with a terrifically written script and some really solid direction. The performances are fantastic all across the board, especially from the younger cast and the two leads in particular. I wasn't quite impressed with Cloverfield but Let Me In is an entirely different breed of animal; whereas Cloverfield was choppily edited and shakily filmed, Let Me In was gorgeously filmed with beautiful shot composition. It makes me actually anticipate Matt Reeves' next project.

I was less impressed with The Town, although I'll admit it was a solid film if a little generic and derivative. Still, I think Ben Affleck is a talented director and created some very thrilling bank robberies and car chases. The performances are good, and there's a certain authenticity that makes you believe in these characters and this setting, even if you can telegraph certain characters' motivations in advance. Affleck brings nothing new to the crime thriller genre, and I was often reminded of greater heist movies like Heat, but The Town is a simple yet effective film.
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