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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Capello the guy with no plan B and only half a plan A...

Even when we win he pisses me off half of the time so you can imagine what I feel about him, his tactics and some of the players after that game. Lets start with how he refuses to let Gerrard loose and infact for the last 20 minutes had him playing deeper than Barry, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.

We couldn't break them down we needed to create space no the wing and a way to do that was to go 5 in midfield to draw more of their players into the centre but no he kept the same 4-4-2 for all 90 mins. He didn't even try to switch Young/Johnson around at times to confuse the full backs.

70 odd minutes to make a sub and this is why we have strikers like Owen in England becasue when there is little space you need someone like him to find it but Capello refuses to pick him but pick SWP who does not play for MAN CITY. Also why was Wilshire yanked from the U21's ? to sit on a bench

Hart - 6
G. Johnson - 5
Ferdinand - 6
Lescott - 6
Cole - 6
A.Johnson - 6
Barry - 5
Gerrard - 6
Young - 5
Rooney - 5
Crouch - 4

Thats how bad we were fucking digusting.
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