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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2010!

Heck, I miss the effects limitations of 1987. But I'm aware that I'm fairly alone in that aspect.

I meant to warn you about that Evil Dead/Evil Dead II thing. I'm not even sure you can call the second one a sequel so much as a remake with a slightly higher budget. That, or you can just view Campbell as playing two different characters between them. Heck, their names aren't even the same. In the first one, the character is called Ashley, but in the other two he's Bill Ash. Continuity's never been Raimi's strong suit.

I subjected my wife to Trick 'R Treat a few nights ago and she enjoyed it, to my relief.

For reading, I'm alternating between Something Wicked This Way Comes and my favorite stories from the fantastic Halloween Horrors collection edited by Alan Ryan.
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