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A new platform for Star Trek Simming and Role Play

I'm sure many of you have heard about 3D Metaverses before, one of the most popular being Second Life ( For those who havent heard of this before, a metaverse is basically a 3D enviroment where the players can create an avatar and make objects such as clothing, houses,.....starships and anything one can dream up.

I have been an avid second Life player for about 5 years and was able to establish a successful Star Trek organization which combines Role Play with a fanclub. ( In our 5 years of excistence we where able to become an established Not For Profit Star Trek Fan Organization and have branched out into other 3D Metaverses.

Ever since Star Trek OnLine came out I have been thinking about a Second Life all set in the Star Trek Universe and when the software became open source...we decided to go for it.

Today the first ever 3D metaverse set in the Star Trek universe is open for the general public. We have created some basic areas such as a recreation of Deep Space 9, memory alpha and Starfleet Command, Earth....There is also an economy established which means you can create and sell objects, clothing,...and gain real money from it, or buy and rent virtual land.

So now that the grid is open, we are looking for people who are willing to help us shape this universe by creating objects, ships, stations, uniforms or simply by being in game and helping new people get settled in and making it a great community

Our grid is called UFS Grid, which stands for United Federation of Sims ( ). We also have a facebook page with some pictures of the buildings already there.

To join you can create your account at and find more information as how to log into the world at

We are looking forward to welcome all Star Trek fans to the community.

any questions can be directed to zeus.q (at)ufsgrid (dot)com

See you all there :-)
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