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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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I never said audio had to be re-cut. They'd still have to have someone in there though to lay it down after all the picture editing was done.

Which is entirely besides the larger point I was making, that it's not simply going to be about re-doing the visual effects like it was for TOS. It will have to be more involved and time-consuming for TNG, and thus more expensive to produce.
When TOS Remastered was produced, the mandate was to not tweak the running time of the episodes, nor affect major changes to the audio. I don't see any reason why TNG would be different in this regard. Any audio work would be negligible.

But, speaking of money, TNG is a cash cow for Paramount. They'd be stupid not to re-release it on Blu-Ray, and they're not stupid.
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