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Re: Hallowe'en Reading and Viewing, 2010!

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I just got Zombieland which I haven't seen as well.
After that its the Evil Dead trilogy. The original is actually the only I've seen completely and that was years ago.
The Raimi movies are a treat, the highlight (in my opinion) being Evil Dead II. They're best watched with some friends, if you can arrange a night to have some over.
As noted I watched Evil Dead a few nights ago. Got Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn and watched it last night. First time I've ever seen it.

Keeping in mind I just saw Evil Dead 5 days ago I maybe making the mistake of wanting some continuity between ED-I and ED-II.

Why is Ash returning to the same cabin acting as if he's never been there? The movie is 75% the first movie with some parts rearranged and some added exposition about how the book was found. Showing the Professor, his wife and kids. It fleshes out more backsory on the demons which is good. Would have preferred if one of the demons had had and exchange like this during the second act.
Ash - Why are you doing this to me?
Demon - Because you agreed to it.
Ash - Agreed to it?
Demon - Last year you came and in exchange for your life you agreed to bring us new souls. Knowing we couldn't trust you we wiped your memory and implanted you with the idea of coming back. *insert sick laugh here*
Ash - No, no, no---never again.

Overall a good film despite the F/X limitations of '87. Up next is Army of Darkness. Having run my only above issue by an offline friend he's already instructed me to not ask about why the chainsaw never runs out of gas. Just go with it, its one of those movies he said.
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