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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Despite the hiccups all along the way so very early on for the crew of the Tesseract, it seems quite a few of them display the skills and qualities that marked them out as the best for the seven year job. Both Ryzal and JQ so far showing the security department in a good light for good thinking and using skills beyond their security brief to best the different situations they are in.

The anti-grav thing is so obvious is seems stupid that it hasn't been used before. But it shows the young JQ is a real thinker and problem solver. He is quickly garnering real command presence and strength, from effing off his superior officer in the previous segment to now using his brains to shift the heavy wreckage. He is also wise enough to know that he is far from out of the woods and that he still has to figure out a way of bringing this whole disaster to an end and the people to safety.

Likewise, Ryzal demonstrates some mad bravery - which he has displayed before. Go the Dominion War hero. I love the usage of his Saurian background to pull his stunt off as well as tying it into personal experience of his from the war. That is really impressive. Even the long description of his arduous task of trying to push through the field with the details about his skin under his scales, etc.

Then we come to Icheb and Maren. Man oh man. That seems like a moment of truth or a great big deal the way Icheb tells Maren that he wishes she wasn't there. He is speaking of so much more. He is hinting at things in the future. He shows he wants to protect her. he shows that he cares for her. What it means for after this - if they get out of it - is still undecided. But I like the potential set up for so much after this. Great stuff.
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