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Red Mars project - in development in 2008 from AMC

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Someone classy like AMC or HBO, please do it instead.

Wait... wasn't there going to be a Red Mars TV miniseries? What happened to that?
Kim Stanley Robinson's 1992 novel of Martian colonisation, Red Mars,

from October 2008 it was news that AMC was in development with it.
The story is an extended chronicling of the settling and terraforming of Mars. As such, it is driven as much by social interactions and character stories as it is the rich sci-fi backdrop of the drama.
AMC develping Robinson's Red Mars for series

Then the following Winter
We wonder if US network AMC can really handle the scope of Kim Stanley Robinson's gargantuan sci-fi cycle...
Why Red Mars may prove unfilmable
Feb 17, 2009

and in August of 2009:
Are you concerned at whether TV can bring to life such cinematic visions as the space-elevator wrapping itself twice round Mars...?

Right now they are at the script-writing phase, and nothing has been green-lighted, so we'll see what happens.
-original author Kim Stanley Robinson...
AMC's Red Mars still treading water one year on

Red Mars imdb listing
in development
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