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Re: Akyroyd Comments on Murray, Ghostbusters 3! Working on Script w/Ra

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Aykroyd tends to believe his own bullshit entirely too much. He's said "we're moving forward on Ghostbusters 3" about two dozen times over the last decade. (And if he thinks Year One was a "serviceable comedy," the man is even further gone than previously thought.) At this point, it's been so long since he or Ramis wrote anything good that there's no reason to trust any of their creative judgments anymore.

As for a new cast, anyone who didn't see that coming lives on a planet where crack grows on trees. That's been the approach ever since 1998. Sony wants a movie that can re-launch a franchise with a bunch of young, cheap stars, with 15 minutes of screen time for the old guard in order to lend the movie some credibility with fans of the original.

Keep in mind that no new Ghostbusters film can move forward without the approvals of Sony / Columbia, Aykroyd, Ramis, Murray and Ivan Reitman. Hopefully, this movie will never get made.
"Serviceable" is quote for barely tolerable up to "it was shit" but that kind of remark is usually only uttered by people who want any kind of publicity by starting a public flamewar.. Aykroyd is too long in the business to know he doesn't need that kind of publicity.

While we as an audience has been burnt so many times by sequels i'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. Nothing has been shown to warrant any praise or derision and for some it will never be good simply because it's not been made in the late 80s/early 90s.
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