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Re: Smallville 10x03 "Supergirl" - Discussion and Spoilers

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I say Kaka Zor-El all the time, but I don't think I ever understood the implications.

Because I like to watch implications go critical, gotta ask about Superman's mother Lara?

Does the kryptonian nuptuals strip the femal of her fathers name and leave a vacuum in it's place in so that females have no identity, rather thanin human culture wher ethe female is 'goaded" into taking the malkes surname?

Will Lois Lane ever be Lois Kent or just plain Lois following the rules above?
Superman's mother's full name is Lara Lor-Van. (I can't believe I actually remembered that).

Under Kryptonian rules Lois remains Lois Lane as the woman doesn't take the name of her husband.
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