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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Thanks so much for reviewing this little snippet, everyone. I promise more is coming soon; in fact I *think* I may have just finished this chapter. So hopefully the rest will be up and posted by the end of the weekend.

CaptainSarine and "Deadstredshrtevr" -- Yeah, JQ cares. Maybe too much. I know 24th century humans are supposed to be "evolved" past all that damaging overemotionalism (browser claims that's not a word, but I'm declaring it one as of now!), but I don't buy it. Because to me, a less caring humanity (the kind that would let the prime directive interfere with saving an innocent planet, for example) is not as worth fighting for as the kind that would tell a Vulcan superior officer to "F-off because there are still three people left in that section and we're going to at least try get them out if it's literally the last thing we do."

MirandaFave and E1981 -- I know, the kids, right? It breaks the heart. But sometimes it can't be helped. Remember, heading into this mission, there had been no word from the Borg in eight years. The temptation was to think they would be exploring the DQ ... not fighting a war. And seven years is an awfully long time to leave your family. The debate over families on starships is a tough one, to be sure. But in an interstellar culture with many species -- some of whom are hostile -- living almost anywhere carries a risk. Earth may be well-defended, but it's also a prime target. Vulcan learned that lesson the hard way in the alternate timeline. So while starships are dangerous, so can be planets. Now, I'm not trying to personally apologize for or rationalize the inclusion of kids in the mission, or defend it. I'm just explaining Command's thinking and WHY it is like this in the story. Basically, it's a tough universe out there and families just want to be together ... so as long as they're willing to sign off on the liability waivers, they're permitted to do so. (And frankly, on a seven year mission, given the lack of an anti-fraternization policy, it's likely there would eventually be some new little additions to the crew anyway.)

Anyway, thanks to all of you for reading and reviewing this scene, and stay tuned for the rest of the chapter.
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