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Re: Comic Caption Contest #7: Attack of the Killer Robot Army

La Forge: "Are you prepared for the away mission to Paatalan IV, Lieutenant?"

Lieutenant: "Yes, sir. This hat is a perfect match for the helmet worn by Hunki'tok, God of Fertility, Virility and Sexual Prowess...Are you sure this is permitted?"

La Forge: "Look, ever since "Justice", the Prime Directive's out the airlock. Now remember, I'm Muny'bak, Metal-Eyed God of Wealth and Prosperity. I'll declare myself first, work the crowd a bit, then you come in looking imperious".
The seeds of the ORDERS OF DISCORDIA were planted by Greyface into his early disciples. They form the skeleton of the Aneristic Movement, which over-emphasizes the Principle of Order and is antagonistic to the necessary compliment.
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