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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

This week's update:

1) The final SPFX shot was submitted today, and after one change in one credit, we're ready to go there.

2) Construction continues on the ready room. Got a lot accomplished with that, including the triangular supports, a fake wall, and we've cut through a wall to make our corridor. The cut-through was costly. Had to have a plumber to re-route the plumbing which should NOT have been in that wall. Had to have an electrician do the same for some wiring. But in the coming week, I expect the ready room to be finished. Got a while to go on the corridor.

3) We're thinking of a November Internet release for "The Old Guys." We're thinking of premiering it and possibly the vignette, "Care for a Lift?" at TrekTraxAtlanta in February, along with the teaser for "The Void." Both Producer Ricky Thompson and Bill "Chief Engineer Barton" Walker (who also did the SPFX for "The Old Guys") will be in attendance. I'm hoping to see about taking two or three of the actors (none of which are Star Trek fans) to the convention to promote the film as well. Details to be ironed out and will be forthcoming as we get nearer to the convention.

4) Our series bible is on-line, but not sure if we're going to be open to submissions for much longer. We have quite a few vignettes (short films) on-hand now along with a full length episode and another in the works.

5) We're still looking for cast members: Helm Officer, Bridge Engineer (for when Bill Walker's not available), Environmental Officer. If you're interested, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Our next episode will be "filmed" in November, and we need actors for these roles.
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