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Re: Enterprise-D 1:1 Scale model, with decks, in Sketchup

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^I'm sorry, but until your name appears in green or yellow, I really don't have to do as you direct. Pot, kettle, black.
That's funny, my name does show up in green!

sojourner - don't worry about whether the threads are old, or if there are others on the same topic. If you want to be helpful, great - post a link to the other thread and don't be condescending about it; this a friendly board, and we can treat each other with respect.

The rest of you - chill out, don't bait or take bait; if you have an issue or feel something needs to be addressed, hit the "Notify" link. I usually come in pretty quickly. I don't generally read every post of every thread (unfortunately, this version of the board software doesn't have that feature, which was very handy in the past, I'll tell you!), but I'm usually no more than a click away - things never need to get out of hand.

Thanks, guys!
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