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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

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I just saw The Evil Dead all the way through for I'm pretty sure the first time. It is a true to form B-movie of the strictest sense.

Taking into cosideration when it was made, the production was reminiscent of the original TCMassacre, it was a fairly decent horror movie. I've not seen the sequels either but they are next in my Netflix queue provided my 'short wait' is gone. Did Ash survive that ending, guess I'll know soon enough.
You're lucky to be in a position where you can watch those for the first time. I had so much fun watching "Evil Dead 2" for the first time, it's one of those movies that almost makes me wish I could erase it from my memory just so I could have the thrill of experiencing it for the first time again.

I wasn't sure about it at first, but it didn't take long before I totally got why it has a cult following, why Bruce Campbell has a worshiping fan base, and why people like to dress up as his character for Halloween or conventions.

"Army of Darkness", the second sequel, was also a blast the first time I saw it, but I don't think it holds up as well to repeat viewings. I think it's more silly and less original that the first two evil dead movies, but it's entertaining and has some wicked one-liners.

I saw "Easy A". It kinda suffers in comparison to the infinitely smarter and more mature "The Social Network" (which I'd seen in theatres the week before), but it was fun, light entertainment. I rarely go to two movies in the same month, but I'm glad I did this time.

"Easy A" had some plot contrivances that I found lame and sometimes the overuse of 'clever' one-liners was a bit much, but it was a pleasure to watch Emma Stone carry a whole movie, and she definitely deserves to become a star after appearing in every scene and being funny and adorable the whole time.

My favourite thing about it was the references to 80s teen movies. In one scene, she reenacts a hilarious moment and copies dialog from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" in a very subtle homage that warmed my eighties movie geek heart immensely.
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