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Re: Smallville 10x03 "Supergirl" - Discussion and Spoilers

It'll be nice to see Laura Vandervoort again. She still looks smoking hot on V.

Since she won't be pimping out herself, what do you think she'll be pimping out more? Lois and Clark or Clark's destiny?

I read an interview with Tom Welling yesterday where he mentioned he wanted to get the same feeling from the Smallville finale that he got during 24 finale...that he'll live on to fight another day or something to that effect. This my version of how Smallville would end in the vain of the 24 finale...

"Chloe, when you first came to Smallville, I never could have guest it would have been you who would cover my back all these years. I just want to say...I love Lana and Lois more than I do you."

"Fuck you, Clark."

"Protect my secret! Bye!"
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