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Re: Hospitality in Star Trek - Help Needed

A few samples from three of the series:

Corbomite Maneuver (alien hosp)
Journey to Babel (reception)
Shore Leave (alien amusement park)
The Apple (alien hosp)
The Trouble With Tribbles (bar)
The Cloudminders (alien hosp)
The Enterprise Incident (Romulan hosp )

Justice (extreme alien hospitality)
Yesterday's Enterprise (SF hospitality for time travelers)
The Inner Light (ritual celebration)

Unexpected (alien hospitality)
Oasis (alien hospitality)
Vox Sola (open teaser: hospitality gone wrong)
Desert Crossing (essence of the male )
Two Days and Two Nights (bar)
Carbon Creek (strangers in a strange land)
Cogenitor (unequal hospitality)
Home (Vulcan hosp)
Babel One (reception)

I don't remember enough about DS9 and VOY ... sorry.
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