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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian - Among the Dragons

^ Which is a right a proper response for an officer of the Cardassian Union!

As for my namesake (pre and post Halloween) and his sensitivity, I personally believe that there was always more to Corat Damar than meets the eye or ears. He truly loved his world and his people and when he could not meet the high standards that he set he turned to drink and other self destructive tenancies So he could have been able to show tender feelings towards others, it was the negative influence of the Cardassian system and his poor choice of mentor that perhaps crippled his emotional makeup.

Mind you, I did once state that there might be a number of Cardassians with serious psychological problems due to the stresses of living in the Union. After all going from a peaceful spiritual civilization to a military dictatorship has to have serious repercussions.

I'm impressed by the huge amount of work you are putting into your Cardassia's Gul Re'jel and Nerys Ghemor. Makes this Cardassian feel a little ashamed of himself for not matching your brilliant eloquence as a true son of Cardassia (or for that matter Terra) should.

Please keep up the good work.
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