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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

TWISTED - 2x06 - 4/5

I must confess, I've always had a soft spot for this much maligned episode. At least I get the impression it is maligned on TrekBBS. I love this situation and am always entertained by how it plays it out. There's plenty of great inter-character drama and I love how each person fronts up to the impending doom. I love this episode, despite the problem being TOTAL NONSENSE.

I guess what I like about the episode is that it plays out like a zombie breakout. More and more crew members are disappearing, Janeway's speaking in tongues and the whole problem is so overwhelming, that resistance is merely a futile attempt to delay inevitable slaughter.

I also like that in a very Star Trekky turn of events, the distortion ring turns out to be a mysterious lifeform, which is a much better twist than making it out to be something evil.

Things I don't like:

I never got into Sandrine's as a locale. It just does nothing for me. Vic's in DS9 was passable, largely because they gave Vic and the setting some depth.

Also, It's either bad characterisation, or Neelix is really just that much of a shithead that he would STILL be jealous of Paris despite Kes stating to Neelix two episodes earlier that she wanted him to be her life partner and assist with conceiving a child. IS THIS NOT ENOUGH PROOF FOR YOU NEELIX YOU IDIOT?! I like character conflict but this feels so forced and one sided and relies totally on Neelix being a moron, which does not encourage the audience to sympathise with his perspective.
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