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Re: Smallville 10x03 "Supergirl" - Discussion and Spoilers

I showed last week's episode to a buddy of mine, and much like me on my first viewing, totally thought Clark was going to fly at the end of the episode. I mean he's standing there at the top of a tall building, the music is swelling triumphantly the plane ticket drops from his hands and flutters to the ground, the camera pans around as Clark stands there boldly in his new uniform.... Dun dun... dun dun DUN DUN.... Cut to black.

Aww dammit! That would've been the perfect moment for him to fly! Arghhhh!!!! Just let him do it, okay?! Sheesh. We need another "Clark gains a power" episode and him flying would be the perfect one and then would've been the perfect moment for him to do it.

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