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Re: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Gaith wrote: View Post
When the author depicts Elizabeth Bennett as willing to kill a man over an overheard slight? Hell yes, it is.
The word of the day is: parody. Elizabeth Bennett and indeed many of Mz. Austen's characters have an irritating tendency to get their many layers of undergarments in a bunch over the stupidest, smallest of social faux-pas. This is the logical exagerration of that bathetic, mountains-out-of-molehill attitude.

ladyheather69 wrote: View Post
I could never get through Pride and Prejudice before this version.
I had no choice in the matter, but yes, Pride and Prejudice--and Mz. Austen's work more generally--is the best insomnia cure I've ever encountered. I did like this version of it--in addition to improving Mz. Austen's proto-Harlequin trash by orders of magnitude, I was impressed by the author's mimicry. It's hard to tell where the original text ends and his begins, and vice versa.

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