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Re: "Let Me In" - Discussion & Grading

I saw and loved the original movie (to the point where I made sure and waited to buy the DVD with the original theatrical subtitles) and I saw the remake over the weekend, as well. Let Me In was great. It was a great story then, and it's a great story now. In fact I'm curious to see it again with a fresh mind. I kept being remided of scenes or lines of dialogue (or shots) from the original and comparing the two in my head like it was a test.

While Chloe Moretz couldn't shake my memory her predecessor, Leana Leanderssson, she did an excellent job (as usual). Kodi Smit-McPhee as Owen is tremedous, and I would argue, an improvement over the original (gasp! outrage!). Richard Jenkin's as Abby's "Father" is (predictably) amazing. Matt Reeves makes notable changes and additions to the film that up the suspense and horror while still following emotional beats of the original. It makes me look forward to his future directing work for sure.
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