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Re: Favourite Bond films....

It's interesting that the voting is broadly consistent and people seem to prefer the lower key Bond films that had more emotional content to the empty flash bang of some of the franchise. Goldfinger was pretty shallow but it had so many iconic Bond sequences I can see why it ranks highly.

I watched OHMSS again last night and I would certainly place it in my top 5, even if I placed From Russia with Love, Goldeneye, and Casino Royale ahead of it. It needed a touch more pacing in places and Lazenby needed to relax a lot more - it was only in his final scene that I started to think he was obviously capable of emoting when given the chance. Even so, he looked good in a kilt!

The real revelation was Tracy. I'd forgotten that she was so complex and cool, especially for a sixties heroine, and even manage to get a few licks in here and there. As a modern character you could even see her suriving through a couple of sequels before biting the dust. It's a shame the films view the heroines as such disposable commodities.

The ski chase scenes were brilliantly handled too, and the music really came into its own - the soundtrack of this movie is pretty much synonimous with Bond now.
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