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Gary Sever wrote: View Post
What technique did you use for the compression? I've seen some animated gifs that seem to incorporate a static pixel elimination, so you've got one background and all the pixels that change appear over it. It allows you to optimize the file size and cram in more frames. Is there a certain piece of software that does this?
I used the compression function built-in to my gif exporting software - saving at a lower quality to get a smaller filesize.

"Static pixel elimination", may be something you can do with Flash. I've done manually before, i.e. creating one frame at a time, only changing the "moving parts", then saving to a gif.

Too Much Fun wrote: View Post
I made these two avatars for Halloween. They've got the right dimensions (140 by 140 pixels, or less), but I can't shrink them down to 70Kb without severe loss of colour quality. If someone could do that for me and tell me what program they used (preferrably a free one), I'd appreciate it.

As a general rule, you can only get away with 6-7 frames (at a reasonable quality) before the gif's get too big.

I use Animation Shop, which came bundled with Paint Shop Pro (not free obviously), but I believe Gimp lets you create animated gifs... but it seems you have software to do that anyway, right?

Anyway, I've culled some frames from your gif's and tweaked the timing a little:


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