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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

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I've read both "Birthright" and "All-Star Superman" which condenses the Kryptonian origin down to a splash page. Again though if it's Clark traveling the world we wouldn't see Krypton unless it was through some kind of flashback sequence. To use "Batman Begins" again no one had a problem rehashing Bruce's origins, which everyone is familiar with and it was told in a relatively new way for a general audience to understand. I could see the Superman film going in a similar direction.
But while we'd seen the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents in flashback in Tim Burton's movie and in Batman Forever, we'd never seen it properly told, nor had we seen why Bruce decided to become the Batman, how he trained, how he got his toys & gadgets. Similarly, Casino Royale got away with telling the origins of another well-established franchise hero because we'd never seen Bond's early days or first mission.

Fair enough, I'm from a generation that saw Superman The Movie in the cinemas, so I'm biased. But I just don't think there's any great need to re-tell his origins. There's been that movie, there's been Smallville, there's even been a brief recap and flashback sequence in Returns. Do we really need it told again?
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