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It's like when some complicated computer games make the move to console, how they take away options to simplify the game for the console. It makes sense for the consoles, but why do it here? They can still streamline while leaving options for different players.
I understand your frustration at an option you're used to not being included, but as someone that stopped automating workers when I realised it was a primary reason behind me losing games, I'm glad that some of those buttons I don't use are gone. They were wasting space as far as my stragegy is concerned.

Yeah stack wars was annoying, but now if you want to send out a ranged unit that auto-loses in melee combat... to protect it you have to surround it by at least three guys to block a side off.
But zones of control are back now, so enemy units can't bypass your melee unit, so you should only need one per ranged unit, or two at most.

Why even bother? Combat in this game has turned in to just sending waves of units at the enemy till you win. It's just stack wars spread out.
I disagree, I played a quick game where I was attacked, but due to effective defence and smart unit placement, I managed to push the enemy back and wipe out their entire empire only losing 2 units. That would never have been impossible with stack warfare. Admittedly, part of the reason I won so decisively is that the AI isn't good at this type of combat, but my strategy played a part.

There are plenty other "streamlining" they've done that I don't like, but overall I don't hate the game. It's civ, and it's still fun as a Civ game. It's just that the series seems to be going in the wrong direction for me.
I felt the same way about Civ IV when it was released, it felt lighter and and simpler than Civ III Conquests. Sure, there was some new ideas in there, like religion and civics, but the game felt lighter to me, and most importantly of all, their attempts to reduce stack warfare were a colossal failure that made the problem worse. But with the two expansions, Civ IV became a much more complex game. I see Civ V in the same way, it's more basic than Civ IV BTS, but it's a good base that will be expanded upon later.
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