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I don't know if not having the specific worker automation you want is dumbing down the game. I think people use that phrase far too often. That's a bad UI design, but it has nothing to do with the intelligence of the game (in fact, I would argue that a game that wants you to play smarter wouldn't have automated workers, since it's always more effective to do things yourself).

I find the game to actually be far less forgiving than Civ4. In Civ4, you could sacrifice one thing if you screwed up in something else and then flip it back later. In Civ5, everything involves a permanent change of some kind. The removal of the slider is the big one, it really forces you to plan ahead. Social Policies are another (I would always play religious in Civ4 and Civ3 in order to switch gov'ts on a whim). I've also seen vigorous debates about the way to play (Civil Service and farms vs. Trading Posts and Maritime City States are the big debate at the moment).

Now there are certainly flaws with the game and I feel the removal of many active things to do during peacetime, certain races towards techs, and a general weakening of world wonders have simplified the game in some areas. But it's also more complicated in others. Do they balance out? I don't quite think they do, but it's not too different from Civ4 vanilla, to be honest.
well when I say dumb down I'm simply talking about taking away options to simplify the game. They're just telling you how they think you should play the game and not giving you any options otherwise. I don't mind there being a default, but why take away options? Particularly when lots of them are actually still in .ini files but disabled. It's like when some complicated computer games make the move to console, how they take away options to simplify the game for the console. It makes sense for the consoles, but why do it here? They can still streamline while leaving options for different players.

It's almost like they wrote a list of catchphrases that annoyed them like road spaghetti and stack wars and changed them up to get rid of them without really thinking them through. Yeah stack wars was annoying, but now if you want to send out a ranged unit that auto-loses in melee combat... to protect it you have to surround it by at least three guys to block a side off. On top of that some of the siege units have to spend a turn going in to siege mode so your defensive units have to sit there getting bombarded by the city while your siege unit sets up. Why even bother? Combat in this game has turned in to just sending waves of units at the enemy till you win. It's just stack wars spread out.

As ugly as road spaghetti was, having to micro manage my workers to actually connect my cities is annoying. I can't even tell them to work in a generalized area anymore so if I set them on auto they might decide to go to the other side of my kingdom to make a plantation because I have a gold shortage that likely wont even exist by the time he gets there. Or even better, if a unit decides to stand on the hex where the critical connecting road is going to be, the ai will just cancel the road and give up on ever connecting the city till whatever other stupid task is done. I've actually turned to using my legionnaires to build my roads for me now. So all they've done is made road making annoying enough that you don't end up with road spaghetti and instead you're faced with micro-managing road building or having an inefficient transport system. I was hoping their fix would have been something more along the lines of having roads be a selectable option in the city build que or something along those lines. But really their solution was to make road building shitty. That's like flattening your tires because your car looked to high.

There are plenty other "streamlining" they've done that I don't like, but overall I don't hate the game. It's civ, and it's still fun as a Civ game. It's just that the series seems to be going in the wrong direction for me. There are plenty of simple games I can play, heck there are even dumbed downed version of civ I can play on an iphone or whatever, so I'd like my main Civ game to stay crunchy.
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