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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

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You'd be ok with it if it was clearly a fake Lincoln then, right?
I'd still find it dumb, but I'd be far, far less insulted, yes.

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Kind of like 'Life of Brian,' right? That's what you're getting at?
Indeed. (But since we have pretty much nil historically verifiable data about Jesus, I don't mind Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter one hundredth as much.)

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So, from that, I gather that you're arguing that there are people out there who think a Burton-made, vampire hunting Lincoln is actually the real Lincoln? And that's the problem?
No, I'm saying it's sleazy, and a lousy way to try to make a buck. With respect, I was quite clear:
Gaith wrote:
worse than juvenile, it's an insult to the Lincoln family's memory, not to mention our national memory
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